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Austin Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody will always be part of a divorce where there are minor children of the divorcing couple. Child custody cases often involve unmarried parents, too. The law puts the interests of a child first whether parents are unmarried, separated or divorced.

Even in an acrimonious divorce, parents are often able to agree on the importance of stability for their children. When parents can work together and agree on practical custody and visitation strategies, children stand to benefit greatly. Parents also save a great deal on legal fees by devising and agreeing to custody arrangements out of court.

Serving Central Texas Including Killeen — Visitation Attorney With A Social Work Background

When parents do not agree on custody and visitation, a mother or father needs a strong advocate as well as a compassionate lawyer who understands the importance of family. In child custody disputes, Attorney Keiko Griffin advocates zealously on behalf of clients while also watching out for children’s best interests.

Sometimes the strongest force in a child’s life is not a mother or a father, but another family member. The Law Office of Keiko Griffin, PLLC skillfully and compassionately represents parents in child custody cases, as well as nonparents. Clients of this law firm have included grandparents, extended family members and stepparents who are committed to the well-being of children in their blended families. Ms. Griffin adeptly handles complex cases such as:

  • Custody and visitation arrangements for children younger than 3 — a tender time of life when formation of parent-child bonds can be critical to lifelong family dynamics. Breast feeding of a baby may be an issue that requires special consideration. Fathers’ rights are another important matter at this time of life.
  • Custody and visitation for children with special needs. A child may require close proximity to a particular school or therapy-providing facility.
  • Requests for supervised visitation when a noncustodial parent has had problems with drugs, alcohol, a criminal history or allegations of abuse.
  • Requests by noncustodial parents for modifications of custody orders to allow for more time with their children over and above the standard shared parenting schedule. We help our clients avoid resorting to court battles to achieve this whenever possible.
  • Custody and visitation when parents live far apart and agreement on payment of travel expenses is a strong consideration.
  • Requests to restrict the residence of a child or request to lift a residential restriction.

Welcoming Clients From Temple, Killeen, Copperas Cove, Georgetown And Austin — Child Custody Attorney Offers Free Consultations

Whether representing parents or parental figures, attorney Keiko Griffin promotes and facilitates creative solutions that take into account key issues that matter most to her clients. Key issues may include the expressed preferences of children older than 12 years old. Are you concerned about your children’s education? Location? Medical care? Access to grandparents? Call 512-256-0780 or 254-690-2202, or contact us online to make an appointment with attorney Keiko Griffin. Our office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Se habla español. For your convenience, we accept credit cards.

“I am writing to try to put into words how my experience with Mrs. Griffin has been. I remember the first day I met her and instantly had a connection with her, I unloaded 12 years of pain on her in 1 hour. I really think anyone else would have said UH no thank you. But instead she took my hand and made me feel like I could do anything. That exact moment I needed her to tell me to stop being a victim and stand up for what is right and what is right for your son. Every single encounter I have had with Mrs. Griffin she made me feel stronger. She not only has been my attorney but someone that fought for me and my son. There is nothing in this world I care more about than my son. I can honestly say that my experience with her has been absolutely the best. I am and will be forever grateful to Mrs. Griffin and her staff for making me realize that I can do this, and WE DID. I know with every fiber in my body that she was and still is the best choice I could have ever made. I will always recommend her firm to anyone I come in contact with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for making me stronger and giving back my freedom.”

Tina M.

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