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Killeen Child Support Lawyer

Determination of child support is essential for children of parents who are unmarried, separated or divorced. Whether there was a marriage involved or not, children deserve the protection of steady support.

Some parents have reasons to avoid divorce for religious, economic or other reasons, but need reassurance of child support coming in each month to pay for rent, food, car expenses and other life needs. Even while parents are still married, but estranged, a child support order can provide much-needed protection for children in this circumstance.

What if you are a grandparent or other nonparent who has assumed responsibility for a child? If you have cared and provided for this child for six months or longer, you may be able to collect child support from a parent or both parents. Perhaps you are a sister or brother of a deceased father, and you have been taking care of your niece or nephew since your brother’s death. You have the right to seek child support from an absentee mother. This is just one example of special circumstances that many of our clients at the Law Office of Keiko Griffin, PLLC face with our compassionate, skillful help.

In Texas as in other states, child support is usually determined through formulaic guidelines. However, the court has discretion to deviate from those guidelines. For example, the paying parent may have an income that is vastly greater than the income of the custodial parent. Our law firm has handled such cases, achieving satisfactory outcomes for the well-being of our clients and their children. The Law Office of Keiko Griffin, PLLC works to educate and guide clients through the process of pursuing child support appropriate to individual family circumstances.

  • What if your child has special needs? In this case, child support orders may continue beyond the age of 18 or beyond high school.
  • What if you have a good reason to request a modification of a child support order? The Law Office of Keiko Griffin, PLLC can advise and assist you.
  • What if you are the paying parent, and you are paying for more than one child, with more than one mother (or father) involved? Our lawyer can help ensure that you understand how to receive credit for the child support you are paying for one child when the amount due for another child is being determined.

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